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We partner with leading research institutions to help them provide best-in-class care, advance clinical research, and run clinical trials.

Superior Clinical Care Through Better Insights


Molecular Tumor Boards

These virtual meetings feature discussions about select test reports, the genomic alterations identified, and related implications. Foundation Medicine’s scientific and medical experts and care teams from cancer centers across the country work collaboratively to address the most complex cases.

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Better Data, Better Insights

Foundation Medicine’s FoundationCore® knowledgebase contains more than 350,000 genomic profiles and over 150 cancer subtypes. Access FoundationCore through FoundationInsightsTM, our innovative data platform for genomic and clinico-genomic research.

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Research and Thought Leadership

Leverage our data to help improve outcomes

Our industry-leading medical and scientific teams are here to support your goals — leveraging in-depth genomic insights, experience, and a breadth of offerings to help you bring new therapies to cancer patients.

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Research Services

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    Podium Presentations at Scientific Conferences

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    Poster Presentations at Scientific Conferences

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    Publications in Peer-reviewed Journals

We can help you ...

  • Profile large patient cohorts for de novo biomarker discovery or identification of patients for clinical trials
  • Provide insight into trends involving complex biomarkers such as microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB) .
  • Connect your experts with our experts via our extensive network of scientists, institutions, and biopharma companies.

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Better, More Efficient Clinical Trials

Foundation Medicine sits at a nexus of medicine and pharmaceutical research. We are adding hundreds of patient genomic profiles per week to our FoundationCore database (notably enriched for patients with rare findings) while simultaneously working with our biopharma partners to cull the most up-to-date clinical trial information. Together, we help institutions run trials faster and smarter, providing better access to treatment options for patients.

Just-In-Time Trial Networks

Too often, patients with rare findings are seen in settings where trials are not routinely considered. And even if they are, trial sites are frequently too far for matched patients to reach. Our just-in-time network allows trial site activation – with IRB approval – to be possible in less than a week.

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Advanced Reporting

Once profiled, patients' genomic data become available in our custom reports. Test results are provided in a user-friendly interpretive report that highlights the genomic alterations present in the patient’s cancer and provides information about targeted therapies and clinical trials to help inform clinical decision making.

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