• How can genomic data generated by Foundation Medicine tests be used for biomarker discovery?

    FoundationCore™ is a molecular information knowledgebase that contains genomic information from more than 300,000 patients whose tumors have been profiled by Foundation Medicine. Our partners can access and query this knowledgebase through our web-based platform, FoundationInsightsTM. This dataset is notably enriched for rare cancers relative to population prevalence, making it an invaluable source for genomic targeting of populations with high unmet medical need.

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  • How can working with Foundation Medicine help facilitate drug development?

    Foundation Medicine offers a next-generation sequencing (NGS) cancer assay with the potential to incorporate multiple companion diagnostic (CDx) markers into one test. This novel CDx development model can help our partners meet accelerated clinical development timelines, facilitate CDx and drug approval, and supports rapid commercial launch.

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  • How does Foundation Medicine help with clinical trial design and enrollment?

    Foundation Medicine sits at the nexus of medicine and pharmaceutical research, combining our multi-faceted expertise with more than 300,000 sequenced patient samples and over 30 pharmaceutical partners. We help our partners optimize their clinical trials in a number of ways:

    Trial Design

    Utilize more than 300,000 profiles in the FoundationCoreTM knowledgebase to define biomarker criteria, map geographic ordering patterns and select sites with the highest testing volumes.

    Trial Screening for Enrollment

    Find and enroll patients efficiently, including those with rare genomic findings. We profile hundreds of new patients per week.

    Trial Access

    Access a just-in-time network of more than 300 sites to enroll matched patients in remote geographies.

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  • How do I contact someone in the biopharma group to discuss a project?

    To contact our Biopharma Solutions team please email: biopharma@foundationmedicine.com or call 617-418-2200.

  • What are the specifications of Foundation Medicine’s FoundationCore® database?

    FoundationInsightsTM is a secure web application, which pulls data from our FoundationCore® knowledgebase of more than 350,000 de-identified patient genomic profiles, spanning more than 150 cancer subtypes. Learn more about our FoundationInsights platform.

  • What services does Foundation Medicine offer for biopharmaceutical companies?

    Foundation Medicine is your partner to help accelerate biomarker-driven drug development - from target discovery to commercial launch, we can assist Biopharma partners with the following offerings:


    Our partners can leverage our genomic knowledgebase in their clinical scientific investigations or use our assays to perform biomarker discovery in prospective and retrospective clinical specimens.


    We facilitate molecularly-guided clinical trial design by connecting patients with trials, targeting their unique genomic profiles. We utilize our comprehensive genomic platform as a Clinical Trial Assay (CTA) for prospective patient selection.


    We offer comprehensive Companion Diagnostic development, full regulatory support services (including submissions), as well as integrated post-approval services.

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