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Our world-class data platform for genomic and clinico-genomic research.

Better Data, Better Insights

FoundationInsights™ is a secure web application pulling data from our FoundationCore® knowledge base. Informed by every tumor sequenced with Foundation Medicine’s comprehensive genomic profiling tests, our capacity to unlock novel findings is constantly evolving.



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Transformative Datasets

Transformative Datasets

Linking Clinical and Genomic Data

We are building new datasets to advance precision medicine research with leading data companies, including Flatiron Health. These de-identified datasets combine the depth of FoundationCore with detailed clinical data including medication histories and treatment outcomes, helping researchers and drug developers advance clinical care and therapies smarter and faster.

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Cloud-based Analytics Platform

Access FoundationCore through FoundationInsights, our innovative data analytics platform that enables access to rich analytics on our genomic and clinico-genomic datasets.

With Our Data

Profile Patient Cohorts

Profile large patient cohorts for de novo biomarker discovery or identification of patients for clinical trials.

Identify Trends in Complex Biomarkers

Provide insights into trends involving complex biomarkers such as microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB).

Leverage Our Network

Connect our experts with your experts via our extensive network of scientists, institutions, and biopharma companies.

Query Our Data

How often does high TMB occur with BRAF or STK11 alterations? Ask our data anything. With one of the world's largest cancer genomic databases, we're putting big data in the hands of key partners.

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Partner with Us

Foundation Medicine is your partner for biomarker-driven drug development – from target discovery to commercial launch. With more data, more partnerships and a dynamically-connected network of physicians, medical centers, patients, and academic researchers, we are helping biopharmaceutical companies and institutions drive precision medicine forward, in the pursuit of improving patient outcomes.

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Our Data is Just the Beginning

We partner with biopharma companies of all sizes throughout the research, development, and commercialization of new cancer therapies - providing comprehensive genomic profiling services, molecular information solutions, clinical trial optimization, and companion diagnostic development services.

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