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FoundationOne Liquid is our next-generation liquid biopsy test for solid tumors utilizing circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA).
  • Cancer Type
    Solid Tumor
  • Sample Type
    Peripheral Whole Blood
  • Results Expected
    <2 weeks*

What is FoundationOne Liquid?

FoundationOne Liquid may help inform cancer care from a simple blood draw.

This liquid biopsy test provides targeted gene and microsatellite instability-high (MSI-H) results2 that may help inform therapy selection and clinical trial options for advanced-stage cancer patients using a minimally invasive sample type. By analyzing ctDNA with our comprehensive genomic profiling approach and providing expertly curated reports, FoundationOne Liquid empowers providers to make more informed clinical decisions.

FoundationOne Liquid is a laboratory developed test that was developed and its performance characteristics determined by Foundation Medicine.3

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FoundationOne Liquid

  • 70

    genes interrogated

  • 99%


  • 99%


  1. FoundationOne Liquid is the only liquid biopsy test that has demonstrated the ability to identify patients with ALK fusions in a global prospective trial for metastatic NSCLC at similar frequencies historically published with tissue testing.6
  2. Includes MSI-H status and guideline-recommended genes to help inform therapy selection and identify clinical trial options for patients with solid tumors.
  3. Requires only two 8.5mL tubes of blood

Please see footnotes below for information on PPV and sensitivity

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FoundationOne Liquid is available through the online portal link below or by fax using our downloadable test requisition form. We have also provided additional PDF resources for those who want to learn more before ordering.

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* Typical turnaround time from receipt of specimen is two weeks

1 LBA81_PR ‘Phase II/III blood first assay screening trial (BFAST) in patients (pts) with treatment-naïve NSCLC: initial results from ALK+ cohort’ will be presented by Shirish Gadgeel during the proffered paper session on Monday, 30 September 2019, 08:30-10:00 CEST in Madrid Auditorium (Hall 2). Annals of Oncology, Volume 30, Supplement 5, October 2019.

2 MSI status will be reported for samples determined to have high microsatellite instability.

3 FoundationOne Liquid has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For more information on our laboratory developed tests (LDTs) please see the Technical Specifications at

4 >99% PPV for all alterations, calculated as a weighted average of the PPV for each class of alteration, with the weighting based upon the frequency with which FoundationOne Liquid detects each class of alteration. The PPV for base substitutions, indels and rearrangements is >99% at >0.5% MAF. The PPV for copy number variations at ≥20% tumor fraction is 97.6%.Internal data on file.

5 >99% sensitivity for base substitutions, indels and rearrangements at >0.5% MAF. Sensitivity for copy number variations is >95% when the tumor fraction is ≥20%. Internal data on file.

6 Dearden et al. Ann Oncol. 2013 Sep; 24(9): 2371–2376.