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The first FDA-approved broad companion diagnostic with Medicare coverage for qualifying patients across all solid tumors. Now with new companion diagnostic claims in NSCLC for TABRECTA™ (capmatinib), in cholangiocarcinoma for PEMAZYRE™ (pemigatinib), and in prostate cancer for LYNPARZA® (olaparib) for patients with qualifying mutations.
  • Cancer Type
    Solid Tumor
  • Sample Type
  • Results Expected
    <2 weeks**

What is FoundationOne CDx?

FoundationOne CDx is the first FDA-approved broad companion diagnostic (CDx) that is clinically and analytically validated for solid tumors. The test is designed to provide physicians with clinically actionable information — both to consider appropriate therapies for patients and understand results with evidence of resistance — based on the individual genomic profile of each patient’s cancer. Every test result includes microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB) to help inform immunotherapy decisions. You can also order PD-L1 immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing to help inform your therapy decision. FoundationOne CDx has national coverage for qualifying Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients across all solid tumors.


FoundationOne CDx

  • All

    solid tumors

  • 21

    FDA-approved targeted therapies

  • 2

    immunotherapy biomarkers

  1. A single test that analyzes guideline-recommended genes in solid tumors, including companion diagnostic indications with a direct path to therapy.
  2. National coverage for qualifying Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients across all solid tumors.
  3. Results include MSI and TMB with the option to add PD-L1 testing to help inform immunotherapy decisions.
  4. Comprehensive platform that can be updated regularly as more genes and biomarkers are indicated for use with FDA-approved therapies.

Go Beyond FoundationOne®

F1CDx Analytical Validations

Now with Clinical Validation

FoundationOne CDx is the next evolution of FoundationOne®, our pioneering laboratory-developed test (LDT).

FoundationOne CDx is approved by the FDA and has been clinically and analytically validated with 9 times more samples and cell lines as compared with our analytical validation of FoundationOne.

FDA-Approved Therapies

Real Life Results

Simplified test results provide clear information about companion diagnostic genomic findings and biomarkers and their associated targeted therapies. We also provide information on clinically relevant alterations and available clinical trials specific to each patient’s cancer.

  1. FDA-Approved Therapies
    List of FDA-approved companion diagnostics to identify patients who may benefit from associated therapies
  2. Potential Resistance
    This section appears when patients may be resistant to therapy based on genomic profile
  3. All Other Biomarkers
    All other biomarkers, including TMB and MSI, without companion diagnostic claims
  4. Professional Services
    Interpretive content that can be used for patient management in accordance with professional guidelines in oncology
Genomic Testing Report

Key Features of the FoundationOne CDx Report

Nurse Practitioner

Clinical Data

In our clinical validation, FoundationOne CDx showed concordance with the following FDA-approved companion diagnostics and is approved to help identify patients that may benefit from associated therapies.


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The first FDA-approved broad companion diagnostic for solid tumors with Medicare coverage


FoundationOne CDx provides comprehensive results with a FFPE tissue block or 10 slides (and 1 H&E slide) to save tissue and time compared to sequential single-marker tests.

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**Typical turnaround time from receipt of specimen is <2 weeks.

PD-L1 by Immunohistochemistry (IHC) can be ordered by selecting an additional test.

Medicare and Medicare Advantage members have coverage of FoundationOne CDx in accordance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) national coverage determination (NCD) criteria.

Important Safety Information

FoundationOne®CDx is a qualitative next-generation sequencing based in vitro diagnostic test for advanced cancer patients with solid tumors and is for prescription use only. The test analyzes 324 genes as well as genomic signatures including microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB) and is a companion diagnostic to identify patients who may benefit from treatment with specific therapies in accordance with the approved therapeutic product labeling. Additional genomic findings may be reported and are not prescriptive or conclusive for labeled use of any specific therapeutic product. Use of the test does not guarantee a patient will be matched to a treatment. A negative result does not rule out the presence of an alteration. Some patients may require a biopsy. For the complete label, including companion diagnostic indications and important risk information, please visit